Three day solo hike through the Austrian Silvretta

In a whole bunch of hiking guides a 4 day pass through of the Silvretta area is recommended. For some reasons I had to shorten this tour a little bit. Since the three days result anyway was outstanding it is worth to put it up here.

Starting point of this tour is Bielerhöhe. On 2037m above sea level this is a well know spot that easily can be reached via the “Silvretta Hochalpen Strasse”.

Day1: Starting at Bielerhöhe I walk along the south bank of Bielersee towards Ochsental. For people only being reasonably fit walking through Ochsental is a short distance walk to reach our first destination “Wiesbadener Hütte” comfortably with low effort. But my way went different. Instead of following the Ochsental path, I make a left towards “Bieltal”. After a couple of meters I make a left towards “Radschulter”. This way also is the official connection way to reach “Hohes Rad” summit. Of course who still didn´t run low this would be a nice summit to put on record. But be careful you only can reach it by climbing.

The “Radschulter” path is a great track passing the summit south. There have been two reasons for me taking this way. First of all is the beautiful view that you can get quite early. Secondly due to a steep scree slope this trail is a wonderful challenge. Once the Radsattel has been reached there´s only a short way left to the “Wiesbadener Hütte”

The Wiesbadener Hütte is equipped wonderful. Beside warm shower and a wonderful atmosphere also a delicious food is served. Whenever I do hikes on my own I do a single room reservation. So I can´t rate the dormitory.


Day2: Starting at “Wiesbadener Hütte” my way goes approximately 60minutes back to the “Radsattel”. From there the way goes down following the signs towards Galtür. Down in the valley there is another junction introducing our way to the today’s destination. A bridge needs to be crossed. The estimated walking time to “Jamtalhütte” is three hours. This trial is a connection trial to the „Edmund Lorenz Weg“ which will be reached after another 45 minutes. The upcoming path is a great mix of heaven and hell. As always it starts with heaven. Green hills small rivers build up a easy to walk high surface. But after a couple of minutes everything is changing. The track is getting steeper and steeper approaching an even steeper boulder col. Once you come closer you will realize that is not as difficult as expected. Nevertheless you need to watch your step and you need to keep an eye on the signposting. Finaly I reach the Getschnerscharte (Getschner notch, 2839m). High up there is a beautiful view 700m down towards my today´s destination. The descent equals ascent is almost true. Even if my way up took a lot of power and has been extremely steep, descent feels like being even more dangerous. The red mark path, in some areas seems to be almost vertical. So if you are planning this trip, please be aware that you need to be footed and vertigo. Down in the valley there is a last 20 minutes ascent until I reach my final destination for today.

Jamtalhütte I rate to be one of the better accommodations. It is a little bit more expensive. But to be honest you shouldn´t care. Each cent is worth it. Beside regular dishes also a afternoon soup is served as well as free snack and vespers.

Day3: As mentioned above day three is my last one. But this isn´t really a problem. Even if I´m underneath a glacier it only takes a two hours walk to reach the next village. So even if this tour is recommended to do in four days with adding a trip to the “Heidleberger Hütte” also three days is possible. Instead of walking down you simple can walk east towards “Kronjoch”. Besides being a great fourth day trip you also can do it as a single trip. Stay tuned for an article explaining that tour.

Thanks for reading and enjoy hiking.

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