Looking for an easy way to upload photos to Facebook, even NEF?

When it comes down to an easy way to upload your pictures to a face book account you probably know that this used to be some sort of difficult. The upload opportunities on facebook are working pretty well as long as you have your picture in the right size and in a common format.

But you don´t need to care about this any longer. From www.obviousidea.com there now the “Easy Photo Uploader” is available. This little tool helps you to upload al your images (even if they are NEF) to your Facebook account.

All you need to do is open the Software, select your images and press “next”. The uploader starts working. In the next step it shows you existing albums where you can upload your pictures too. Of course you also can create a new one. Final step is the third next. As a result all you pictures now are in the folder you want them to. Of course also an information on the wall about your recently uploaded is posted (based on the setting).

This is the link to the software.

But of course you also can see the product in action. Here is the link to a great youtube video.