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Sailing on the Baltic Sea

Have you ever spent your vacation in Germany? Have you ever been sailing? Until a few days ago I only could answer this questions with “no”.  Especially sailing never has been an option. Too much summits still are on my hiking list. But you never should say no?

Because of this and because of my family I finally spent the last week in September on  a sailing boat at the Baltic Sea.

In Heiligenhafen we took over the 50 foot Bavaria Cruiser 50 called Marijana1. Since I´ve been never sailing before I do not have any clue about boats. But what I can say is that this boat is huge. Cabins for up to 10 persons plus additional 2 persons backup beds in the living room. 3 bathrooms, kitchen and a lot of storage space. All of this of course in boat size design. Our beds have been in the back where I had to crawl into to avoid abutting my head. Nevertheless everything was bigger compared to other boats laying next to us.

From the harbor we first made a test trip to check if everybody feels comfortable on the sea. So far this test on the first day went well.

On the next day our destination was Laboe which is a little and very nice village at Kiel bay entrance. Beside a submarine you also can visit the marine memorial or simply hangout in one of the numerous bars and restaurants.

On the third day our journey went to Eckernfoerde. This city has been one my highlights at this tour. First time that we have been swimming and relaxing at the beautiful beach. Beside this there is a beautiful center full of shops and bars having a great flair.

Damp has been our destination on day four. Damp isn´t really a village. It is a huge hospital joined with a huge holiday resort. Unfortunately there is no flair. Even the skyline looks like a standard 70s concrete architecture. Nevertheless there is a beautiful beach and some great bars for a relaxing evening.

The next day we went over to Maasholm. This little village stood in a total contrast to Damp. It is a very little Fisher village full of flair. We felt very comfortable and had a great time. Dinner we had at the Schunta restaurant which I can recommend. Here we had wonderful fish.

From Maasholm we went to Orth harbor at Fehrman island.  And from there back to Heiligenhafen. Orth isn´t really a village. It basically just is a harbor having some restaurants and a surf shop. Nevertheless even there we had a great time and wonderful food at the “pirates nest”.

Sailing is wonderful. With a great crew and an outstanding skipper as well as a seaworthy stomach you will have a wonderful time.

Below please find some pictures of the trip. For bigger resolution please click here.