Review – Written in Bone by Simon Beckett

20120810-235037.jpgIt took me quite some time until I started reading this book. I bought it in 2009 at an airport somewhere in the world. For some unknown reasons it packed it in the shelf to all my other books standing there and waiting to be read. Finally a couple of weeks ago And after some biographical books I decided for this Thriller to be my next.

A lot of books need a lot of time until the story finally speeds up. It takes almost ages until you know the persons and their history. Not so in this Book. You get tied up within the first pages.

Written in Bones is the second Book about David Hunter, a pathologist living in the UK. Due to not enough manpower he gets asked to support the police for investigating a potential crime. But at this point, I don’t want to go into more details. There are tons of websites out there giving you a brief synopsis of the story.

Here I will tell you if this book is worth to read or not. To make it short and simple. Yes it is! as written above it tides you up real quick and it does not let you go. Simon Beckett has a wonderful style to write his stories. You can easily follow his characters and sooner or later you start guessing who the murder might be. But of course this seems to be planned. I‘ be no doubt that this is one of the biggest aspects Simon Beckett is considering when writing his books. Knowing this you soon will realize that he also is playing with you.
Without telling to much I bet that no one reading this book ever would have expected the final end!

All over all I can recommend this book to everybody looking for an exciting thriller that makes you wanting read the whole night long.

You can get this book all over the world: ISBN 978-0-553-81750-8

For the full story I would recommend to read his first book first: The chemistry of death.

Enjoy reading.

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