My first article published in the Nikonians eZine

Yes, I really feel proud to announce that first time an article written by me did made it into the Nikonians eZine. “The Nikonian” is an awesome magazine containing all about photography and of course everything interesting about the Nikonians community. Since it is even more unusual for Back office staff having real article published, I´m even more proud. By mid January almost 190,000 people will have seen my article. Isn´t that awesome? If you also want to know, what I recommend to protect your gear while doing outdoor sports, please feel free to download your copy for free.

New York 2011 – pictures online

Today I finally managed to upload a couple of pictures of my trip to New York in fall 2011. Considering that during this trip I crashed my camera and lens, still a couple of great pictures came out of this trip. If you are a dslr shooter you might not believe that most of the pics have been done with a Nikon AW100 Coolpix point and shoot. So again a good example that non picture is done by equipment. It´s done by the guy behind the cam. Enjoy the pictures and feel free to post your link to your pictures in the comment section.

New York in fall 2011